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ADEC at Aquaculture Europe 2023

ADEC is delighted to announce the recent participation in the Aquaculture Europe 2023. This...

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ADEC Restores the German Oceanographic Museum

Without distort the historic structure, ADEC LSS modernizing the public aquariums at German...

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The Largest Aquarium in Vietnam: Sea Shell Aquarium

The largest aquarium in Vietnam, Sea Shell Aquarium, which situated on Phu Quoc Island, was...

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Tunnel Aquarium in the Tunnel!

We are proud to announce that Trabzon aquarium has officially opened. It is the longest...

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ADEC is Corporate Sponsorship of Sydney Zoo

As ADEC, we are happy to announce our support and sponsorship agreement for Sydney Zoo.

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ADEC Set The World Record!

Representitives of OWR (Official World Records) who promote and verify World records, were...

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ADEC Natural Energy Resources Manifest

Reckless consumption of our natural energy resources is one of the most important problems...

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Our Covid-19 Policies

ADEC takes all measures against Covid-19 and ensures the health of its employees and...

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Sea Shell Aquarium Entrusted to ADEC Expertise!

The Sea Shell Aquarium project, which will be established on a total area of 27197 square...

Adec LSS

Aquarium Design


“Adec turns sketches into an engineering and architectural wonder.”

Adec brings together the best architects, aquarium engineers, construction professionals and aquaculture engineers to integrate inspiring, integrating nature into human life and innovative designs into your project.

At the center of Adec’s project understanding is to debrief the brief given by the business partner in the best and most accurate way. We start by first examining and analyzing the existing data, evaluating the preferences of our business partner, the ideal places they want, and then some of the features we want to model. We discuss and evaluate all the ideas of our business partner, from the creatures that will take place in the exhibition areas, to the target visitors and activity types. Thus, we design our projects under the guidance of the shortest path that will lead to the goal. In cases where our business partners cannot give us a brief, we work together with them on many different alternatives. We stand by our business partners at every step, from developing their project goals and strategies to planning visitor capacity.

Idea Generation; We develop many different concept ideas by brainstorming with our creative team in order to find the most accurate project targeted by our business partner and bring it to life. Along with these ideas, we offer reference evaluations about the species and habitats that are considered to be exhibited.

Application; By developing the agreed concept, we create the architectural plans of all areas, the plans of the thematic exhibition areas and the plans of all visitor areas. In regional planning, we also include many details such as employee and administrative staff usage areas, units required for live maintenance, filtration equipment and mechanical rooms required for other system equipment.

As Adec, we always leave our detailed engineering knowledge and experience for the basic infrastructure of the aquarium, life support systems and other basic components open to the access of our business partners …

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