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ADEC Set The World Record!

Representitives of OWR (Official World Records) who promote and verify World records, were...

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ADEC Natural Energy Resources Manifest

Reckless consumption of our natural energy resources is one of the most important problems...

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Our Covid-19 Policies

ADEC takes all measures against Covid-19 and ensures the health of its employees and...

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Sea Shell Aquarium Entrusted to ADEC Expertise!

The Sea Shell Aquarium project, which will be established on a total area of 27197 square...

Slide ADEC Set
The World Record!
OWR (Official World Records), fulfilling its mission of promoting and verifying world records, was in Istanbul to register the world record of ADEC, the solution partner of many international city aquarium projects. Details Contact Us
Slide A quarium
D esign
E ngineering
C onstruction
Adec designs aquarium projects that integrate nature into city life. It produces sustainable, eco-friendly and reliable life support equipment.
Slide Vietnam Sea
Shell Aquarium
We are the trusted solution partner for the design and installation of life support systems (LSS) for the Vietnam Sea Shell Aquarium, which will be one of the world's top 10 aquariums. Details Contact Us
Slide Developed as a results of long years of engineering research, protein skimmers are equipped with superior material quality compared to their equivalents and are designed to give the most efficient result to the user. PROTEIN
Slide ADEC Compact Systems are designed to be a user-friendly, technologically advanced and with low energy consumption. COMPACT

World Class Projects


Our products, which compete on a global scale, find their places in major projects all over the World.

Our installations totaly more than 50 milion liters in many countries.

Adec engineers provide active support in product design, installation, maintenance, technical support and operations.

We always take an active role not only in assiting our clients through out the design and installation process but also in after sales services.

Our International Partnerships

ADEC Conducts Comprehensive Projects
with Its International Partners


Adec; Abyzz Middle East and Turkey Distributor

We develop inclusive solutions with Abyzz. We guarantee quality in projects.

Adec LSS

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