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ADEC was awarded a Turnkey Contract for Coral Nursery LSS for the KAUST Coral Restoration Initiative (KCRI)

ADEC has successfully awarded a contract for the turnkey-ready delivery of life...

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ADEC at Seafood Processing Global 2024

Seafood Expo Global / Seafood Processing Global 2024 (SEG/SPG), one of the leading events...

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Alpentherme Gastein’s New Aquarium Transformation

Alpentherme Gastein, located in Salzburg, Austria, is gearing up to celebrate its 20th...

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Our Participation at SIMEC Aquafish 2024

We are delighted to share the highlights of our participation in the Simec Aquafish 2024....

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ADEC Continues Successful Restoration of the German Oceanographic Museum

With an unwavering commitment to preserving the rich history of this iconic museum, we are...

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ADEC at Aquaculture Europe 2023

ADEC is delighted to announce the recent participation in the Aquaculture Europe 2023. This...

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ADEC Restores the German Oceanographic Museum

Without distort the historic structure, ADEC LSS modernizing the public aquariums at German...

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The Largest Aquarium in Vietnam: Sea Shell Aquarium

The largest aquarium in Vietnam, Sea Shell Aquarium, which situated on Phu Quoc Island, was...

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Tunnel Aquarium in the Tunnel!

We are proud to announce that Trabzon aquarium has officially opened. It is the longest...

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ADEC is Corporate Sponsorship of Sydney Zoo

As ADEC, we are happy to announce our support and sponsorship agreement for Sydney Zoo.

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ADEC Set The World Record!

Representitives of OWR (Official World Records) who promote and verify World records, were...

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ADEC Natural Energy Resources Manifest

Reckless consumption of our natural energy resources is one of the most important problems...


ULTRAAQUA UV systems, our top preference in achieving successful results in aquaculture projects, offer excellent solutions for effective disinfection and water quality management. These advanced, high-tech systems are highly effective and reliable in controlling microorganisms and maintaining the balance of water ecosystems.

You can achieve high performance and efficiency in your aquaculture projects with ULTRAAQUA UV Disinfection Systems.


ULTRAAQUA is an international manufacturer of advanced UV water disinfection systems for a wide range of water treatment applications. Founded in 1996 by two Danish scientists to solve the increasing water safety challenges by utilising innovative technologies, today it has grown into an international company with more than 10 000 UV disinfection systems worldwide. As ADEC, we are the Türkiye distributor of Ultraaqua in aquaculture industry.

Non-Corrosive PP Systems

Low Flowrate PP Systems


Open Channel SS Systems

Inclined Open Channel SS Systems

Open Channel PP Systems

MONORAY™ Systems


ULTRATRON™ Aop Systems

TOC VUV Systems



Maximum Capacities of PP Closed Vessels
UV System ModelUVT 95% 40 mj/cm²UVT 85% 40 mj/cm²
MR1-75PP 1.5” BSP4,5 m³/h3,8 m³/h
MR2-75PP 3” BSP11,5 m³/h9 m³/h
MR3-75PP 3” BSP18,5 m³/h14,5 m³/h
MR4-75PP 3” BSP28 m³/h21,5 m³/h
MR1-220PP DN8026 m³/h20 m³/h
MR3-220PP DN150120 m³/h76 m³/h
MR4-220PP DN150185 m³/h110 m³/h
MR6-220PP DN150285 m³/h165 m³/h
MR8-220PP DN200440 m³/h240 m³/h
MR1-350PP DN10041 m³/h31 m³/h
MR3-350PP DN150193 m³/h120 m³/h
MR4-350PP DN150295 m³/h175 m³/h
MR6-350PP DN200460 m³/h270 m³/h
MR8-350PP DN250710 m³/h390 m³/h
MR12-350PP DN2501100 m³/h600 m³/h
MR16-350PP DN3001600 m³/h850 m³/h
MR18-350PP DN3001800 m³/h960 m³/h
MR20-350PP DN3002000 m³/h1050 m³/h

Always Meet Your
Aquatic Needs

Our UV disinfection systems are manufactured with a focus on durability, ensuring a long-lasting solution for your aquatic environments. The lightweight and strong design makes installation and integration into existing projects or facilities easy and seamless.

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