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Tunnel Aquarium in the Tunnel!

We are proud to announce that Trabzon aquarium has officially opened. It is the longest...

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ADEC is Corporate Sponsorship of Sydney Zoo

As ADEC, we are happy to announce our support and sponsorship agreement for Sydney Zoo.

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ADEC Set The World Record!

Representitives of OWR (Official World Records) who promote and verify World records, were...

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ADEC Natural Energy Resources Manifest

Reckless consumption of our natural energy resources is one of the most important problems...

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Our Covid-19 Policies

ADEC takes all measures against Covid-19 and ensures the health of its employees and...

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Sea Shell Aquarium Entrusted to ADEC Expertise!

The Sea Shell Aquarium project, which will be established on a total area of 27197 square...

Adec LSS

Our Occupational Health And Safety Policies


ADEC and its employees acheive compliance with legal, international legislation and customer requirements,  continuous development, creating a healthy and safe working environment as the basis of the Occupational Health and Safety Policy.

As ADEC, we value the life of all living things very much. In this context, in order to improve the quality of life of our employees and to ensure that they work safely:

  1. Minimizing all risk-creating situations to prevent occupational accidents and occupational illnesses.
  2. Eliminating health and safety threats that may arise in the working environment, taking all necessary measures to reduce risks and determine protection parameters.
  3. Organizing training activities for the creation and development of occupational health and safety awareness of our employees, the relevant parties in all 3rd party companies,
  4. Monitoring occupational health and safety management and performance, continuous development and achievement of these goals by planning measurable improvements and targets.
  5. Continuous renewal, reporting, fulfilling the requirements and ensuring continuity of our occupational health and safety management system
  6. Adoption of transparency and sharing with the public in all our work,